doll house Hair Salon prides itself in using only the finest products available, all hand-picked to assure you top quality and professional performance.

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  • Surface
  • BioSilk
  • BC Bonacure
  • Osis
  • Alterna
  • Short Sexy Hair
  • Osmo Essence

doll house Hair Salon exclusively uses Schwarzkopf Color, the premier color line in the industry.

Schwarzkopf Color is specially formulated to outlast all others, while using only natural ingredients. The true deep colors give your hair amazing shine and leave it feeling like you’ve just had a deep conditioning treatment. We have a Schwarzkopf color educator on staff that not only keeps our stylists on the cutting edge of color, but also trains other salons in Michigan.

doll house Hair Salon also offer a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling aids.

The stylists at doll house Hair Salon are highly knowledgeable on all of the products we carry, and can offer you professional suggestions on what will work best with your hair type and style. During your services at our salon, not only will your stylist explain to you in detail about each product they are using, they will teach you how to use the products yourself, to recreate your salon look at home. Our objective is to give you the tools and knowledge to have you feeling and looking your best everyday!

doll house Hair Salon is a learning salon.

The education and training each stylist receives starts from day one. Our salon has developed a rigorous and detailed assistant program, only eligible for stylists that have already received their cosmetology license. During the assistant program, these new stylists are mentored and trained full time, on the floor assisting other experienced stylists, for up to a year. They must pass a series of skill and product tests before they are graduated to the floor to be able to work on and build their own clientele. We take the confidence and comfort of our clients very seriously.

But the training doesn’t stop there!

All of the stylists at doll house Hair Salon are highly dedicated to continuous education and training. Not only does this involve the latest cutting and coloring techniques, but also new product knowledge and styling skills. All of our stylists attended a three day symposium in Chicago, exclusively to be educated on the benefits and features of our new salon-exclusive Surface product line. Be sure to ask your stylist how these amazing new products can benefit you today!

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New Surface Hair Products:  Offering "Beauty with a Conscience."

Renowned Hair Stylist, Wayne Grund Inspires New, Revolutionary Surface Hair Products, World’s First-Ever Combined 100 Percent Professional Only Tourmaline Infused, Gluten-free, Sulfate-free, Paraben-Free, 100 percent Vegan Protein Ingredients.

Surface has 17 hair care products all of which were inspired uniquely and exclusively by hairdressers. The products are pure, hypoallergenic, using 100 percent vegan protein, with no animal testing. Surface pushed their team of chemists harder than they have ever been pushed, globally sourcing unique eco-friendly formulas to ensure natural ingredients, good for the consumer’s health and good for the environment, but also ensuring superior performance hair care. Most manufacturers still use wheat protein and with the tremendous increase of allergic reactions to gluten (wheat protein), 100 percent vegan protein hair products provide a safe, healthy choice. In the past vegan constructors have not performed exceptionally well, breakthroughs by the Surface team have resulted in maximum repair of all hair types, even the most damaged. In addition, Surface packaging is created to be recyclable.

For a better understanding of Surface hair products’ natural focus, the following compares the basic hair care industry-standards’ ingredients with Surface’s natural alternatives:

  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate Surfactants - Surface uses Palm and Coconut oils naturally-derived.
  • Parabens – Surface uses rose ether.
  • Petrochemicals (PVP) – Surface styling products are formulated with resins extracted from natural sugars and corn starch, instead of plastic derivatives.
  • Mineral Oil– Surface uses ingredients derived from organic Babassu, Palm, Flax, Aloe and Safflower Seed Oil.
  • DEA and TEA – Surface uses organic Palm and Babassu oil.
  • Fragrance – Surface uses plant-derived aromas and color of the product is from the natural color of the product’s ingredients.

Products include:

  • Trinity Strengthening Products - with cationic vegan proteins of Amaranth Keravis and Soy, providing repair damage, strengthening, while giving luxurious condition and shine.
    • Strengthening Shampoo 10oz, 2oz, and 1 liter
    • Strengthening Conditioner 6oz, 2oz and 1 liter
    • Protein Repair Tonic 6oz, 2oz
    • One Shot Protein Repair .75oz
  • Bassu Hydrating Products – provide moisture control and softening, using Babassu, Aloe and Flax seed oil.
    • Hydrating Shampoo 10oz, 2oz, and 1 liter
    • Hydrating Conditioner 6oz, 2oz, and 1 liter
    • Hydrating Masque 6oz, .75oz
    • Hydrating Gloss 2oz
  • Awaken Therapeutic Products – strengthens, rejuvenates thinning hair with botanical extracts, while mineral ferments improve cell turnover, providing anti-aging effects    encouraging a healthy scalp and growth.
    • Therapeutic Shampoo 10oz, 2oz
    • Therapeutic Conditioner 6oz, 2oz
    • Therapeutic Treatment 6oz, 2oz
  • Surface Styling Products – inspiring, creative, humidity-resistant, anti-frizz, anti-static, healthy styling products formulated with sugars and corn starches. 
    • Bliss Smoothing Creme 3.4oz
    • Crave Styling Paste 3.4 oz
    • Theory Styling Spray 12oz, 3oz
    • Impulse Finishing Spray 8oz, 2oz
    • Reflect Styling Gel 8oz, 2oz
    • Purify Weekly Shampoo 8oz

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BC Bonacure Hairtherapy by Schwarzkopf Professional is a new collection of products that offer intelligent solutions with ApHinity technology.

Bonacure by Schwarzkopf Professional gives instant beautiful and healthy hair by using the new, ApHinity Technology which includes active ingredients (+) that sense damaged hair zones (-). Consequently, Schwarzkopf Bonacure intelligently targets and delivers instant magnet-like hair care. BC Bonacure Hairtherapy by Schwarzkopf will strengthen, regenerate, and revitalize badly damaged, stressed or lightened hair.

A new level of performance - With the creation of BC HAIRTHERAPY it‘s now possible to get the specific care that hair needs. Each solution shares one common goal: helping you restore your hair to its original l beauty.

Strong Technical expertise - Both technical expertise and extensive lab research at Schwarzkopf Professional have contributed to making the BC Bonacure hair care range achieve a new level of hair beauty and product quality through top performing ingredients.

Inspired from skin care - We understand that hair has similar needs to skin and requires just as much care. It’s important to regularly treat the hair, but not just on the surface: hair needs a deeper therapy to truly preserve beauty and accentuate shine.

Products Include:

  • Color Save Shampoo 33.8oz, 8.5oz
  • Color Save Conditioner 6.8oz
  • Color Save Silver Shampoo  42.5oz, 8.5oz,
  • Light Volume Shampoo 33.8oz, 8.5oz
  • Light Volume Spray 6.8oz
  • Time Restore Q10 Shampoo 33.8oz, 8.5oz
  • Time Restore Q10 Conditioner 33.8oz, 6.8oz
  • Time Restore Q10 Satin Spray 6.8oz
  • Rescue Repair Shampoo 8.5oz
  • Rescue Repair Conditioner 6.8oz
  • Rescue Repair Sealed Ends 2.6oz
  • Rescue Repair Treatment 6.8oz

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OSiS+ the Art of Contradiction

OSiS Hair styling products by Schwarzkopf are for the latest trends - used by the hair stylists that make it happen just before the models walked out on the catwalks in Paris Milan and New York. Osis hair products make your special look!

OSiS hair products are specifically designed to create styles that excite and inspire: use 1 product to create 2 contradictory looks or mix 2 products to create 1 look to contradict!

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS continues to drive the world of cutting-edge styling. Because style never stands still. OSiS senses trend vibrations before others do. Developed by Schwarzkopf Professional together with the most creative session stylists, it catches the inspiration from the core of the fashion scene, backstage where the session stylists create the latest styles for the catwalk.

Products Include:

  • Freeze Fix strong hold hairspray 15.2oz, 9.1oz, 6.8oz, 3oz
  • Freeze Super Hold Pump Spray 6.76oz 
  • Elastic Fix Flexible Hold Hairspray  15.2oz, 9.1oz
  • Air Pomade Wax Spray 3.4oz
  • Grip Style Super Hold Mousse 7oz
  • Bounce Curl Liquid 8.5oz
  • Buff Styling Cream 5.1oz
  • Flatliner Flat Iron Hair Serum 6.8oz
  • Tex It Bodyfier Gel 8.81oz
  • Slick Flattening Liquid  8.69oz
  • Magic Anti-frizz Serum 1.71oz
  • Mess Up Matt Gum 3.4oz
  • G.Force Extreme Hold Gel 2.72oz
  • Thrill Fiber Gum 3.39oz
  • Shape Soft Wax 1.7oz
  • Dust It Mattifying Powder 0.35oz
  • Rough Up Modeling Clay 2.55oz
  • Marsh Mellow 1.7oz
  • Wax It 1.7oz
  • Upload Volume Cream 6.8oz

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ALTERNA - the Science of Skincare for Hair.

Alterna Professional Haircare creates groundbreaking formulas that set the industry standard for the finest luxury haircare products in the world.  Alterna continues to shape the future by staying one step ahead of technology, by capturing the essence of indulgence, and most of all by taking imaginative leaps to give their customers not what they think they want, but what they never thought possible.

Products Include:

  • Hemp Spray Shine 4oz
  • Hemp Volumizing Spray Mousse 10.5oz
  • Life Solutions Scalp Therapy Shampoo 8.5oz
  • Life Solutions Clarifying Shampoo 8.5oz
  • Hemp Seed Styling Mud 2oz
  • Hemp Hair Concrete 2oz
  • Hemp Modeling Clay 2oz
  • Hemp Styling Mud 2oz
  • Hemp Seed Styling Souffle 2oz
  • Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray 15.5oz
  • Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray 4oz
  • Caviar Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo 2.65oz
  • Caviar Anti-Aging Color Hold Beach Spray 5.1 fl oz

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BioSilk offers prescriptive solutions for every hair type.

A complete line of hair care, styling and finishing products for every hair type and hair care need.

Luxurious Silk Based Product Line

Utilizes Farouk Systems Advanced American Technology in conjunction with Pure Natural Silk to moisturize, reconstruct and add incredible shine.

The Power of Silk

BioSilk is the original silk infused line of hair care products that creates soft, shiny, healthy looking hair. Silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids in hair which creates a strong affinity that:

  • Reconstructs damaged areas to create a smooth cuticle
  • Reinforces hair’s strength to prevent daily damage from styling tools
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates hair for soft, supple, shiny result
  • Strength:
    • Silk bonds and repairs the hair from the inside out
    • Silk is the strongest fiber in the world-equal to steel
    • Silk strengthens the hair and provides more body and volume
  • Moisture:
    • Silk holds moisture up to 3 times its own weight
    • Silk improves elasticity
    • Silk will provide longevity and sustainability with styling and color results
    • Silk is excellent for skin care
  • Shine:
    • Silk will provide unparallel shine and reflection
    • Silk has a triangular molecular structure for 3 dimensional shine
  • Protection:
    • Against Heat, Cold, Humidity and UV-Rays
    • Against pollution
    • Silk Molecules will anchor and lock in color for longer lasting color results

Products Include:

  • Silk Therapy Cure 12oz, 5.64oz, 2.26oz

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Short Sexy Hair - Rock yourself out!

Endless styling possibilities, high-impact results. High performance styling is what Short Sexy Hair is all about. Get the texture and volume you need to create the looks you want, from the most unique styles to the latest trends.

Products Include:

  • Play Dirty Dry Wax 4.8oz

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Osmo Essence

Osmo Essence is a creative, cutting edge, professional hairstyling products range that does something different.

Products Include:

  • Aqua Wax HARD 3.3oz
  • Shaper Maker Textured Definition 3.3oz
  • Fibre Paste 3.3oz
  • Clay Wax 3.3oz